[Fixed] Not all strings are in translation

I use the Russian translation of GDevelop. It contains many untranslated strings. I want to translate them, but I cannot find them in CrowdIn. Probably they are not added to list of translated string resources.

Also there are many untranslated strings which are present in Crowdin, translated and approved. Probably these strings are present in the code many times and only some of them got into Crowdin.

Can you review all the code and include all the strings in the translation?

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The missing translations may be due to 2 things:

  1. The translation is recent (new crowdin translations are only put into GDevelop when publishing an update)
  2. The translation is unverified. A user can translate the strings but he can potentially translate it wrong that is why crowdin want a few people to confirm this translation before declaring the string as translated.

The fact that they are not on crowdin means you will have to wait for the strings on crowdin to be updated

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@arthuro555 In fact theses lines are not yet wrapped in the function for translate it.

If you want add the function, or i’ll report it on Github.


I think I can wrap these texts in the function for translations myself. I downloaded GDevelop source code and found these lines. But they are located in JS files. For example in newIDE\app\src\InstancesEditor\InstancePropertiesEditor\index.js. I understand that for CPP files function “_” is used for strings translation. But what function is used for JS files?

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I work on it don’t worries :slight_smile: