[Fixed] Opacity of Bitmap Text can go beyond 255

Hi, I discovered that the Bitmap Text object can have an opacity value that goes beyond the display limit of 255.

It does not cause any breaking issues in rendering as the max opacity of 255 is still respected, but if you check the opacity value attached to the Bitmap Text object via a variable and apply an increment over time, it can go beyond 255.

This can result in strict checks such as “is opacity = 255” to fail if the opacity continues to increase.

I can’t reproduce the problem, can you reproduce it in a new empty project please?

Here is a simple event sheet. There are only two objects in the scene, a bitmap text and a normal text object.

When previewing with the debugger, the scene is fine with both objects at full opacity. But when you check the scene variables for opacity…


The bitmap text value can go beyond 255. And if you change the event to subtract 500 opacity from both objects instead of add, you get these values…


So I think the bitmap text object does not have an inherent floor of 0 and a ceiling of 255 for opacity, whereas other objects like text and sprites do.

Again, this doesn’t break anything as the renderer will do its job. But if we were to use a condition such as “Is bitmaptext opacity = 255” for the very first example (to check full opacity), it will fail. It’s not too big a deal as we can use “Is bitmaptext opacity > = 255”. I just wanted to highlight this inconsistency in case it might affect some other calculations I am not aware of.

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Ok I’ve found the problem, I’ll fix that for the next update :slight_smile:
Thx for your help!

Fixed for Bitmap Text and BBText, on this fix: