[Fixed] Panel sprite not rendering correctly when spawned off-screen

See this thread: Panel Sprite sometimes puts the left border on the right side

It draws the top left corner in all corners. This happens to most panel sprites I spawn off-screen but not all. Which panel sprite is affected by this is not consistent and seems random (I generate some of them in events and some of them from in the scene editor on an external layout and it happens to all of them).
It renders correctly in the scene editor.

Something like this has been fix some days ago, you need wait the next release for get the fix.

Good to hear, thanks!

Do you know when that will be?

What’s strange is that you shouldn’t have this problem, because it’s only on the development version which is not distributed.

If you have more information or a simple way to reproduce the bug I’m interested because it’s not normal that you have it.

A new project with the minimum to reproduce the bug would be great.

About the versions there are no precise dates.

I reproduced it successfully. While doing that I found out that it only happens when I delete the panel objects (in events) if their X position is smaller than the camera viewport’s leftmost X position (CameraX()-CameraWidth("",0)/2).

The project: DXwvE4P6

This bug seem different.
I’ve report this bug to other devs.

Thank you for the project, if you wish follow the issue it’s here.


Bug is fixed for the next release.
Thank you for the help on this bug :slight_smile:

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