[Fixed] Particle Emitter actions broken

The particle action Object.NbParticles() crashes the game


Also the change capacity action does not work correctly.
If the initial tank is empty, it will stop the flow, even if the action change capacity is used.
If the action is used, and the flow is also changed, it seems to have some effect, but it does not mathematically add up the correct tank volume.

an initial tank of 10 particles with a flow of 1 particle/sec and the following action:

results in a tank with about 17 particles. The higher the flow change, the higher the tank volume becomes.

If i have a Tank of 10 particles and a flow of 1/sec and i use the action to change the flow to 10, it will create much more then 10 particles. the duration of the output of particles still depends on the initial values of the emitter, so it will take 10 seconds of flow, the initial duration of tank per flow, but with the new flow output by action.

The tank of particles does not update.

MAybe is because you are referencing an Object that not exists Text NewObject 22?

I’ve fixed this bug few days ago.
Wait the next release.

And here the tracker for the issue on tank value.