[Fixed] Particles not working correctly since new update

Gdevelop just ran an automatic update and now none of my particles work correctly in any of my games. No matter what color I set the particles to, they always show up as some shade of purple. Is there a way I can back out the update and revert to the previous Gdevelop version?

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You can download previous version here :

Think to disable the auto update it you don’t want lastest version.
GDevelop 5 is still in Beta :wink:

OK. Got it. Thanks. Should that be reported as a bug somehow or do you do that? I’m fairly new to gdevelop. To see the bug in action, play Geo Dash from the examples online. You will see the particles are white in color in the online version. Then play the Geo Dash in the new desktop version. You will see the particles are purple in color even though the particle object has them set to white. That is what I am experiencing.

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Looks like a bug indeed!

When you find a bug you can discuss it with people on the forum as you do there.
Then you can report it to the developers directly so that they can take note of it.

Reporting a bug follow this link.
(Follow the little procedure when you open a bug report, it’s important to be clearest & simple possible.)

If you want to be 100% sure that the developers see it, it is on this link that you have to do it.

Just want to add that I’ve noticed this issue as well.

Except, I can change the color to blue or something, but yellow shows up as pink or purple.

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Yeah. Me too. I reported it to the developers via github.

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Just want to clarify that this was indeed a bug, and now fixed in the latest beta. Thanks for reporting it! :slight_smile:

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Working great now, thank you 4ian and hook!