[Fixed] Primitive drawing color

I am working on my fishing lake atm.
Things are going pretty well, but i cannot change the color of my “Fishing Line”
The Colors are set to almost complete white as filling and a grey tone for the Outlines.
Yet, when i run the Game, the Line is always black …

Whats going on?

How you defined the colors of the line?

There is not much more than that.
The Line is created on baselayer, wich has the LightNight effect. but even when toggled off, my line is still Pitch black…
Changed the Linethickness to 10, just to see, if thats some kind of overlapping problem, but nope, then its just a big black line :frowning:

Nobody knows?
So its a bug?

Under that action (the one you highlighted) , try creating an action, Change fill color.

I just Tryed. Changed both,fill and outline.
Still perfectly black …

I did it again, in an empty event. Used a local new line, instead of my global line. Still Black

Do you have a transparent black layer? if so, try setting the opacity to 255 of your draw object

I do not.
As stated, i tryed an empty event.

In an empty sheet, try doing this

Change fill color
Opacity of filling = 255
Change outline color
Opacity of outline = 255
Size of Outline = 10

the result shouldn’t be black (unless you set it to black)


The color action should be after the draw action, try switching the place of the two, and see if does work :slight_smile:

i tryed every order. Still black

You can only change a primitive white to another color. If your object has another color than white. it turns black. I post that in Bug page, but no answer so far.

Changed startcolor from almost white to completly white.
Yet, still a black line

almost white is not white. It needs to be white. Once it’s been changed to another color you cannot change it back to white or another color.

It should be withe from the start, without changing it. but it does not matter, if i have color changing event or not,if the startcolor or changing color is 255,255,255.
My line is Black

strange! Never heard that. It happens once to me, because my object was (255,255,254)

Yes it is …
looked at the numbers, its all white

Weird! it happens once to me, but I checked the object and it was (255,255,254)

I created a new project, loaded up midna isometric world, and tryed there.

Low and behold


new project, new lines, all different kind of colors, color change event or not.
My line stays black.

Im thinking of reinstalling GD. Maybe that helps.

Can anyone who has the latest patch installed confirm, that the colors for shape painter work?