[Fixed] Tiled Sprites have blurry edges?

Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me here.

So I’m making a pixel art game and I have the whole thing as Nearest Neighbour for a crisp pixel look, and everything looks perfect and sharp, except for one thing: tiled sprites.

I’ve tried so many different things, I know it has nothing to do with the image as I’ve tried with multiple sprites, and in the properties smoothing is turned OFF. It’s literally only when a it is a tiled sprite.

I have attached an example of a basic sky and a ground tile, on the left is tiled, and on the right is a normal sprite. You see the outline is blurry, and for the ground tile it has a weird outline on the border.

I’ve temporarily worked around it for now by just putting them as regular sprites next to each other but this is quite a headache when building levels, and I really need the tiled function to work when it comes to doing a scrolling background.

I’m using a Mac, don’t know if that’s relevant. Also I seem to be up to date, but no one else out there seems to be having the same issues?


Is this only happening with square sprites?

Have you tried testing with different margins? It might take a while to find the best settings, but that worked for me; hope it does for you too! :wink:

No it happens no matter the size/shape :frowning: The clouds are part of a tiled background which is rectangular. But the ground tiles are 32x32 pixels

Hey sorry what do you mean by that?

If your object is a Panel Sprite (“9-patch”), then your Edit Object -window should look like this and I mean these:

If you can set up an example project with a couple of sprites showing the problem, I’ll forward it to the devs, it will help fixing the bug. :blush:

Ah I see! It’s not a panel sprite it’s just a tiled sprite.

Could it then be that your image size doesn´t match the size of your tiled sprite? I find it difficult to have images of the right size for chosen pixels and GD doesn’t seem to be that good on scaling…