[Fixed] Tilemap not rendering

Hello , im new in this forum , im Tusi_1 . I found a big bug , i have a video to show i doing everything what the official GD wiki says to do with Tilemaps . But the tilemap is not rendering in GD ( I tested on my laptop too , and is not working either ).I saw few peoples on discord too with this issue !

Windows 10 ,Desktop , laptop (both)
GDevelop version : 5.0.138 (both)

Video : https://drive.google.com/file/d/13pO_jmw1d1xAaLvX3sS3sXsZMBmWh8fu/view?usp=sharing

So the Tilemap shows up after i completely close GD , but in gamemode it still not showing up…

I doesn’t resized anything at all !

Can you share the related test files to reproduce the issue on our side?

Sure here is the tilemap and the tileset . These files can vary from the sizes whats on the picture bc i tested things but the result is the same


Not working man , and please dont flag others problems !

The tile set image should not be resized. It must be the same size as what is set in Tiled.

The next release will show a place holder instead of an invisible object.
The error messages can be seen in the console (Ctrl + Shift + I). I know this is not practical, the error should rather be shown in the object editor.

To solve the issue, crop the image to the expected size. 2000 is not divisible by 32 so the extra pixels can’t be used anyway.

This will be fixed in the next release:

Thank you for reporting this.