[FIXED] When opening .autosave GD continue to save project as game.json.autosave

When GD prompt me I have an autosave file which is more recent and I choose to open that, GD continue to save the project as “game.json.autosave”. first time I did not notice this, and I ended up with the more recent project file being called “game.json.autosave.autosave.autosave.autosave”

Also don’t really understand how the utosave file can be more recent when I ALWAYS save the project directly before closing GD.

I think, if GD prompt us with the autosave file is more recent and we choose to open that, GD should continue saving it as game.json instead of game.json.autosave.
And as I mentioned, I am not sure how and why is the autosave is more recent, it should be not if I close GD myself because I always save before that.

GDevelop 5 beta82
Windows 10 64bit

Same problem facing Here. I always delete the old autosave file it fix my problem .

I lost alot of working time, due to that. I saved, thinking, i saved my last file, but apperently it was the autosave, wich i deleted :frowning:

Quite problematic indeed, I’ll have a look


This is fixed for next version.

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Thank you for the fix :hugs:

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