[Fixed] Why does it say past year, my game is not even 2 weeks old

Is it a typo?


I think those stats are showing that you have had player sessions for the past week only. If you get 30 plays next week then your stats will say past week 30 and past year 64. That’s my interpretation.

yes but why is it past year when its still year 2022, Is it a technical term normal users can’t understand?

Because “past year” means “within the last 12 months”.

That doesn’t mean those 12 months have to exist yet. It’ll be a rolling total of 12 months. This terminology is pretty common in most web analytics.

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Yes, so every day, ‘past year’ will be referencing a slightly different time period. So today’s past year will include stats, if any, back to this time last year. Then tomorrow’s past year will move forward by one day from today.

Past 12 months makes more sense, maybe a language barrier since gdevelop supports a lot of languages; in google analytics its last calendar year and always jan - dec constant

To clarify, “Last Calendar Year” is not the same as “past year”. A calendar year is literally from the first day of the year (Jan 1) through the last (Dec 31). They are different annotations and therefor would not behave the same.

Using google’s search itself as an example, filtering your search results by time list “past year” as an option, and it means the last 12 months. Checking in other languages like French and Korean, this is the same nomenclature.

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planktonfun, I like that you’re thinking about this and I’ve done some more thinking about it too and will add to what Silver Streak had to say. I’m not a word/grammar expert but I like thinking about words and language.

The way I see it, both ‘last 12 months’ and ‘past year’ are equally valid in terms of clarity and correctness.

For the singular unit of ‘year’ it has to be ‘past’ and not ‘last’ so that there’s no confusion between the previous 12 months and last year (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2021).

In your GDevelop pic, it also said ‘past week’. If ‘past year’ doesn’t make sense or is sub-optimal, then the same would have to be said for ‘past week’. It would have to say ‘last 7 days’.

So I think it just comes down to the choice of units. For a singular larger unit (year), use ‘past’ and for a plural smaller specific number of units (12 months), use ‘last’. These could be mixed up if the word ‘the’ was used. ‘The last year’ and ‘past year’ are similar. But an extra word in an analytics list is probably not desirable and it might be confusing anyway.

These are only my thoughts, happy to be proven wrong or told to shush up haha. And planktonfun, remember, wordle is always there for when you want to earn your greens :wink:

I cheat at wordle tho

Haha, I said when you want to earn your greens. When cheating is no longer fun.

This is getting a little off topic, see ya

I’m unsure about what is the good wording, it depending of what is the returned value there.
I’ll ask to dev and fix the sentence.

Edit: The values are last 7 days, and last 12 months.

It’s fixed, thank you all :slight_smile:

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