FL Studio Mobile Music for GDev games

Heyo! I guess I can say I am still fairly new to the forum.
I make music on my ios devices using FL Studio Mobile a little more often than I spend time in GDevelop.
But, I sometimes make music with GDevelop in mind.
I just want to share a few examples which are free-to-use :wink:

Spooky video game theme song

Something made for a cancelled project

Part of the same cancelled project

Anyway, my current and new GDev project is called Discrete… more on that some other day, lol.

Nice work. I like the spooky one the best, but they are all good.
I’ve started creating music too when I need a break from game design.
I use Groovebox on iOS because it can randomly generate melodies, and I’m no composer, so I just layer tracks and randomize beats until it comes together.
It’s kind of relaxing.

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Thank you for such kind words!

Yeah, mixing pre existing Melodies is fun! That’s where I started :slight_smile: