Flathub Linux version delay compared to GD website official release

Hi, what is the timeline of releasing the Linux flatpak version compared to official releases on the GD website? The website has had 5.1.156 for some time. But the flatpak version on flathub is still 5.1.155 since December.

This is not the first time there’s been a delay. One time there was at least two weeks for the flathub version to catch up to the website version. Does it just get forgotten or is there a delay with the flathub website processing things?

Please note, I’m comparing Flathub releases with the GD website official releases not the earlier Github preview releases.

Flathub now has 5.1.157, yayyy. Probably straight from 155 to 157.

5.2.166 was released on github three weeks ago on June 23. I know that official releases on the website don’t happen straight away but they are certainly current now. But once again, the flatpak version on the flathub website is behind. It’s still on 5.2.165. Because it has to be updated to an external site does it get forgotten about? Can someone please put it on a to do list for when new releases come out?

Hmm… unless something has changed, Gdevelop’s main devs (both the company devs and core contributors) don’t push anything to flathub, nor is there a flatpack release (official linux releases are appimage). The only official releases are through the GitHub and the website (I believe even the microsoft store release is archived at this point?)

If it shows up on other package systems or packaging methods, someone else is uploading it and they are unofficial releases.

Other folks can chime if they know differently, but the flatpack release request never went past 4 votes on the trello after 3 years worth of being on the board: Trello

That would make sense except that the link to the flathub site is on the GD downloads page.

Sure, but there is no equivalent flatpack file on the github, and its a redirect link, so it isn’t built as a flatpack on the official release.

I also can’t see anything in the change logs mentioning flatpack, and the website is a link, but not a direct download. Again, it’s possible that a dev might chime in with more info, but unless its direct on the site, everything points to it not being officially maintained.

(Edit: to be clear I’ve flagged this to some folks to chime in to clarify if possible)

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Flatpak has been updated to 5.2.166, although the What’s new splash screen is for 167.

Heard back from the folks, they have tried to start putting out a separate manual build for flatpack. This does make it officially released, but as it is manual and not part of the normal build process there is no guarantee that it will be maintained in sync with the main builds at this time.

There is hope to automate it at some point in the future, but no guarantee/ETA.

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