Floresia I : Intemporel [Plateformer-RPG]

Hi guys ! Im from the french community and i wanted to share you my game i made with Gdevelop,
I hope you’II can help me to make a better translation of this game.

[size=150]The name of the game:[/size]

After losing his wife Neyn while he was desperate, sees appearing in a dream
the spirit of Nayah asking her to resurrect her by realizing the mysterious quest of

[size=150]Video : https://youtu.be/fp3iqUQ1fqc[/size]

[size=150]Screens :[/size]

EDIT AVAIBLE ON STEAM ! (25/01.2018)
[size=200]Link (english version & french) : [/size] : store.steampowered.com/app/76100 … ntemporel/

Thank you ! :laughing:

very nice part in pixel art, I also delight in drawing by hand and I must say that it is very nice.

sorry for the copy paste, however I must say that it seems a nice thing maybe in place of the red cubes you can try to create small scales in pixel art style apparte I know that it takes a lot of time as the first project is still very good.

Then with gdevelop you can try to create more frames for the animations of the movement in short you can customize the whole problem is the duration to create a single frame if you want to do something well done it takes many hours.

I see, however, that it is not a simple color, that is, the nuance effect has been done entirely by hand, a very difficult thing and it takes a lot of patience.

Also I had fun creating something like that and I must say that even if it is not a masterpiece makes me very satisfied.

Sorry for my English

Thank you a lot for your advises my friend, i will remember!

i see your youtube channel and your games, it’s pretty good ! :smiley:

Floresia I : Intemporel is now avaible on steam ! :slight_smile:


Is it native or Web?

Native :slight_smile:


note: the game will be free after this month