Former web dev aspiring to become a game dev

Hi, guys. SuperBlueYoshi here. :grin: I’m a former web and full stack developer who loves video games and has spent most of his life playing games and watching playthrough videos on Youtube who wants to make their first game using GDevelop. I have a lot of experience in programming (Javascript, Python, and Java), but I’ve been wanting to use my programming experience to create games, which I probably should’ve done a loooooooong time ago, but it’s too bad I can’t go back in time to change all of that… :frowning_face:

Anyways, as I’m tying this message, I’m currently creating a game where the player has to catch falling objects from the sky to get as much points as possible. I’m also learning how to draw as well. I’ve drawn pics with MS Paint for a few months, but I’ve switched to pixel art recently and have been learning how to draw pixel art everyday since I’ve started on my project. My goal is to create some games on GDevelop before using another game engine (or maybe stick to this one? I dunno :thinking:) to create bigger games in the future.

I also have a Youtube channel that I’ve had for over a decade where I made random videos.

That is all. I hope to have a wonderful time creating games for all of you! :heart_eyes_cat:


Welcome to GDevelop! :laughing:
It’s always great to meet a new fellow developer. :blush:

You might have already discovered this yourself, but plenty of us on this forum are eager to help should you run into any trouble with GD, so never hesitate to raise the question.
Maybe one day, you’ll be the one helping us find solutions to our problems in the future. :upside_down_face:

Welcome aboard!

It’s a great engine to actually be able to realise something with. I’m a graphics artist and I’ve managed to make a whole game that actually works, and isn’t half bad! - So anyone can!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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