Forward Level- A platform game

My first platform game.
Game links-

Is this only for joysticks? mobiles? It doesn’t seem to work for me.

I think the game would work on Android mobile phones and Android tablets. I have tested the game on my mobile phone having Android version 12 and my tablet also having Android version 12.

The game uses only two buttons which are created in the form of touch input. The touch on the screen should be on the upper half of the screen on the left side to create button A. The touch on the screen should be on the upper half of the screen on the right side to create button B. After this start playing the game.

Thank you for your reply.

OK, I was on the computer.
I tried on mobile, but I couldn’t get it to work either. :person_shrugging:

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The second link works for me but you need to click on both sides of in the top half of the screen for the “A” and “B” to show. I don’t know if this is a setup/calibration feature. I also don’t know if the movement is supposed to be continuous (toggle) even when not pressed but it makes it tough to time jumps because the platforms drop.

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I wanted to make the game innovative by using new style of controls.

Your reply is correct. Thank you so much for playing the game.

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I am sorry that the game did not work. With all the respect to you as our GDevelop forum moderator I want to say thank you so much for your reply.

I am also sorry for this reply because it is late.

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