Found out you can crash the game by assigning kinematic physics then using physics draggable extension

why can’t I upload mp4 files, its much smaller in size
gif is good but webp is better, and forum doesnt support webp
its basically an mp4 that loops so you get the benefit both gif(loop) and mp4(size compression) altogether

Thanks for the report.
Do you have a dummy project demonstrating the issue that you could share with us?

liluo link: liluo link

dummy game file link game file link

github link github link

Thanks! I see that you have reported the issue yourself. :+1:

However, you shouldn’t be using kinematic if you want to move the object around.

Here’s what the wiki says:

I read the documentation, I was thinking of movable walls when I did the kinematic + draggable since its movable and not affected by gravity as the wiki says

It’s not a matter of gravity but of forces and impulses, which you surely need to drag objects around.

that’s fine, tristan already fixed it, can’t wait to use it in game!

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