Found the issue behind blurry text

My game is made in 320x480 screen resolution and game text is clear at that exact resolution you can see the image

But when I resize the window even only one pixel down to 319x 379 then all text goes blurredSee

Text is clear only on 320x480 in which the game was made in…
Is it a bug in Gdevelop?
How to fix this issue.
Please help me out

Please, we don’t need 4 topics to see it… :angry:

I really very sorry :blush: but I want attention, because of some urgent reasons.

I thing who made this TextObject plugin, forgot to add extra lines of code to handle text resize on canvas resize. As image resizes on canvas resize but the text not resizes that’s why it goes blurred.
Is there a way to fix it

The text is stretch to follow the canvas size, like other objects.

I think I found the solution and that is…

When Pixi.js engine starts, before starting it sets the value of PIXI.RESOLUTION = window.devicePixelRatio.
In my case it sets PIXI.RESOLUTION =1.
When I changed that value to PIXI.RESOLUTION = 2 then text suddenly goes crystal clear WoW.

so problem is that PIXI.RESOLUTION is not getting the correct value it depends on window.devicePixelRatio.
there should be some more reliable method or library to correctly set the PIXI.RESOLUTION value…