Foxy Tales - A little pixel art game


Hi, guys, how are you?

So, a couple months back i’ve started this little project called Foxy Tales. It is a game about a little fox running trought the forest. A basic platformer with the classic elements of this genre. I’ve already done one level that you guys can try on my

I’m doing it in a really low resolution without upscaling, i did this so i could see how the gdevelop would react to something like this but i highly recommend you to upscale your sprites to a higher resolution so it will be easier for you to work with a higher resolution of your game. The gdevelop have some problems rendering the sprites at a really low resolution and the edges kinda expand a pixel. I’ve overcome this by making a bigger transparent background around the sprite. Some other problems i’ve found is when you have to make a custom collision box, it’s harder to set this up because the editor gets really small. The last problem that you can have is about the tipography, it gets really blurry and i couldn’t get a way around it, so i’ve had to make the score by hand using sprites, it can be really time consuming. But i guess that’s all. Anyway, it should give you some headaches, haha. I won’t upscale it now because i’m not really interested in doing this and the game is simple enought and i think that i can keep doing some stuff without problems.

The game production had a big gap, but i’m working on it in my spare time. Hope you like it and let me know what do you think, haha.

The game’s page:
Foxy Tales by Mugiartes

Some screens:


Your game looks good, Nice job

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Nice :slight_smile:
Here’s some feedback:
I found difficult to jump out of the quicksand on the right side.
You should smoothe the camera movement (usually done with the math lerp function).
Also, the up/down arrows could be used to look up/down.
Keep it up :blush:

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Ow, that quicksand problem is really annoying, it works well in the gdevelop itself but in the website version it’s kinda hard. Anyway, i’ll fix this!!

And i’ve done the cameras with motion tweens. I don’t know if there’s a better way of doing this, but i’ll try to smooth it better.

Thanks for the feedback!! I’ll try to implement the arrows stuff as well, haha.

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