FPS drop in preview after a while.

Basically the same thing I’m experiencing in GDevelop. When I’m using GD, after some time/preview the game in preview drop FPS dramatically, and I have to restart GD to get the right speed again. I have experienced this in GD several times before, but I thought maybe my events not optimal or something, but now at this very moment I was experiencing the same with Victor’s platformer/tilemap example. GD was running while I was writing a comment, once I finished, I was run a preview in GD and the FPS dropped. I’m not sure if it because of elapsed time GD is running for or because of number of previews started, but it do happen.

Just run GD for a while, run some previews time to time, and the FPS will drop.

Using latest version of GD on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

Try running it after export to exe. So we can pinpoint whether cause is IDE or engine.

No, I’m not experiencing slow down in exported game only in the preview.

Strange… In any case it seems related to the IDE if you do not experience it in a compiled game.
Did you activate the performance profiling? It could be related to this, or maybe the debugger.

No I don’t activate the performance profiling. But I don’t experience slow down immediatelly or somethhing. Normally when I use GD, it running for about an hour (or two) and I run preview bunch of times when I’m experiencing slow down, and need to restart GD to get right speed again.

When you have time and you do something on your PC for few hours, just run GD in the background and run preview time to time and you should experience slow down even lag after a while.

I’ve experienced it too… So it wasn’t just my computer and my constantly growing number of events? :smiley:

Just to mention, I still get this slow down in preview in latest version of GD V3.5.74

+1 I’m experiencing the same problem, also nothing display anymore in the “Objets” tab in the debugger, all disappear after one second after the scene start.

Can you do a screenshot and post it here the next time it happens? :slight_smile:

Hey, good news here, I’ve fixed a memory leak that could be linked to the FPS drop (textures loaded where stored twice in memory and one copy of it was never freed).
Not sure if it was related to your FPS drops, but it can be a root of the problem as memory was filled, so it’ll be better in GD 3.6 :slight_smile: