Free 2d Pixel art and vector graphics

Hi guys, I’ll leave you the link to my latest graphic creations.

The main style is in pixel art and I hope to further enlarge the collection in the coming months.

I’m always looking for new graphics to create for video game developers (if it’s not too complex) I can make myself available and create it.

Thank you all for your support.

  1. Billiard Kit (Pixel art)
  1. Life Bar - Power Bar - Exp Bar
  • Social -
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Cool share, grazie!
If you feel like improving some graphics of my game, you’re more than welcome! You’ll find it on the Android Play Store under the name Jukade. Be warned, it’s quite ugly :sweat_smile:

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what kind of assets do you need are easy to do?

I always feel like a beginner despite almost a thousand hours on asesprite.

Add me on discord if you want.

Luca Web Project**(#2590)**

Third project released, these are simple icons made in pixel art.

More information can be found in the description on the site :