[Free Download] 100+ Pixel Art Assets by Wishforge Games

Hello Guys!

Maybe some of you remember. Last year i have worked on a game called “The Mighty Rune”, released a demo of it (which you can download here on itch.io) but then i’ve moved to another project.

Well, today i am very happy to tell you that i have released all the assets i’ve created for that game for free! You are free to download and use these assets in your projects and if you do so, i would really appreciate if you could mention me and some of my links :slight_smile:

Download Asset Pack Here: Free Platformer Pixel Art Assets by Wishforge (itch.io)

This asset pack includes almost 150 assets, animations, tiles, ui, enemies, backgrounds and so on.

I hope you will enjoy this asset pack and thanks for Downloading


thank bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for share the art assets.

Thanks for sharing…
Great work dude