Free resources for your games!

Don’t know if everybody knows this so I’ll post it and if it’s not right or in the right place then do what’s necessary.

Thread carefully, be sure to read and take notice of the license of the asset you’re downloading, some are free some have a CC license, some have a variation of the CC and you should comply with it.

Tiled Map Editor :

Free Characters:

Sprite Lib:

Open Game Art:

Lets Make Games :

Nice, really useful :smiley:


Good idea, let’s make a list :mrgreen:

I usually use this website, the resources are “free” but not sure if legal, because most of the staff is ripped from original games but they include a free licence to use for any purpose maybe the “author” (who ripped the staff from the game) asks to put his name in to credits so I don’t know. But I’m not going to make commercial game to release on steam anyway, so I don’t care if they legal to use or not :unamused:


But for good quality sprites I found google image search the most useful though :laughing:

If you’re planning on sharing it the license is important, remember that the copyright states you shouldn’t reproduce it any way except with the authors consent.

Once I finish my game I can volunteer my services as character designer (Not animator) from time to time.

Yes I know it important, but I don’t have serious plans, I just play around with different ideas (and tools), I don’t expect I’m going to share anything. But if any of my ideas turns in to a serious project, at least I think it worth to finish it from bottom to top and share it, maybe I’ll use your service. I’m very bad in characters (in anything that must be hands, legs and at least one head) :laughing:

The tiled map editor seems pretty cool, how does it work with game develop?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I’ve asked previously for someone to write importer of Tiled maps, but no one was up to the task.

That is a pity, i would love to see that.

Me too, especially that Game Develop don’t have any support for tilemaps. Since Tiled’s format is basically XML, it could be possible to write event code that would import them “by hand”, but it is more work than it is worth.