Free server resources for game development

I haven’t been working on games much lately, but I have been busy.

I was hosting my games at, but I after making just a few small games and eating nearly half of my itch storage that I was going to need more if I’m going to continue to make more games. So I rented myself a few servers and have been busy trying to get everything set up and squared away.

So here I am with a brand new domain that isn’t getting any traffic and 3 small VPS (that I got a great deal on from with much more resources than I’m currently using.

As a way to give back to the community, I’m offering to share my excess server resources with others that have similar goals.

What I’m offering:

  • I can offer you a subdomain under my domain if you don’t have your own

  • server is running nginx + php7

  • access to local database

  • web based file manager

  • I can quickly set you up a wordpress blog if you’re interested.

  • locations: Romania and California.
    **Romania server is provisioned with 4core 4gb ram 200gb hdd 10tb bw I am happy to share with you
    **California server is provisioned with 1core 2gb ram 30gb hdd 4tb bw I am happyto share with you.

Sound too good to be true? Well, think about this:

  • This offer is very limited. I will only add new members while it isn’t straining the server.

  • It is also limited in time. While I don’t need the resources, I am happy to share them, but if my games suddenly become popular and I need my resources back this offer will be terminated.

  • nothing illegal will be permitted. Only use assets you own or have permission to use.

  • This offer should be used only for experimentation, testing, and development of games. It should not be used for anything mission critical.

  • Since it is a new, untested service I can’t make any guarantee that I won’t lose your data. You are responsible for making your own backups.

  • Resources offered are all shared usage - so if you’re using more than your fair share you may be terminated.

So, you’ve read all that, and you’re still interested. How do you claim your free offer?

  1. Send me a private message via these forums detailing what you want hosted (your games, site, database, etc). Be specific and include as much information as possible. Tell me which server you want and why.

  2. Be patient. I am not a large business offering this - I am just 1 man doing this as a hobby. I don’t have any automated scripts for this so all of your accounts must be set up manually as I have time.

  3. When your hosting is active and you’ve uploaded your data, you must register an account on my forums and make a post about what you’re hosting here

  4. I reserve the right to reject any request for any reason and to terminate any service at any time for any reason.

That is all. Thanks gdevelop for making such a great app. I haven’t bought a pro license yet, but maybe this is another way I can contribute to the community :slight_smile:


I set up an npm server for community use. I’ll ask that you use it for developing/testing only, not for running your project. It’s a small vps that doesn’t have a huge amount of resources, so it could become overwhelmed very quickly if everyone used it, but it should be fine for development/testing for a few people here and there.

First person who abuses it ruins it for everyone else. China is firewalled out (sorry, nothing personal). I don’t have any multiplayer projects so it’s completely untested.

If you’d like to try it out, you can pm me for the url/port information (I prefer not to post it on public forums and draw the attention of bots, etc).

Absolutely no warranty and no support offered. Let me know if it helped you out, or if I’ve messed something up along the way and it doesn’t work.

An npm server? Like, a node packet manager server? How curious. I am wondering, what kind of projects do you expect there to be hosted? GDevelop projects, or other stuff?

I don’t know what kind of projects will use it?

I’ve seen that some people trying to make multiplayer games having trouble using the default broker server. I think it’s a terrible shame if someone wants to make a multiplayer game but has no access to a server to test and develop it - that situation brings back bad memories from my childhood.

To be perfectly honest I’m not even really sure what a npm server is… something like a javascript version of an http server I guess? I just followed the instructions here to set up a broker server that people can use since the default broker server is often unavailable (as a note, the instructions worked just as well on linux as windows.)

For now, I’ve only shared this within the GD community forums and discord, so I hope that it will be used within the community to make multiplayer games, although if someone was using it for some other project I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t go over the bandwidth limits or chew up too much CPU/RAM, and it’s nothing illegal or distasteful.

I only use this server for a third backup, and occasionally to test something new before pushing it to my main server - so it sits idle a lot. The hosting package includes 2GB RAM, 1vcpu, and 1TB band… I use about 300gb/month data for my purposes, and only a few hours each week (usually in the late hours of the night EST when backups are moved over). If someone else can get some use out of it beyond what I need it for I’m happy to share.

Oh there is some confusion here I think. That’s not an npm but a peer Js server, npm is a whole other thing.

Wow, I really want to make a multiplayer game and a server to host it. I think this is going to help many people. But, I don’t know the ABCD of servers and hosting. That’s why I haven’t touched multiplayer alot. But, if one day if I made a multiplayer game and need a server, will you help me? :grinning: Where did you learn about hosting and things :wink:

@arthuro555 I think the confusion comes from the acronym npm, which apparently stands for node packet manager, as well as node package manager, which is used to install the peerjs server.

@Midhil I don’t have any formal education… most of what I’ve learned is through trial and error, and making mistakes (see above). If it’s something you want to learn about I can recommend - there’s some good, easy to follow tutorials there.

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Thanks you so much. :grinning: