Friendly old nerd - grymmjack (rick)


I’m grymmjack (you can call me rick too, I won’t mind). I’m a friendly old nerd!

Let me unpack the title a bit:

Friendly: helpful, willing, open-minded, heart-driven, altruistic, optimistic, generous, enthusiastic.

Old: I’m 46 (I only mention “old” because it helps others relate, I love people of all ages equally)

Nerd: We all know this one! It’s why we’re all here! My nerdery started back in the mid-80s when I encountered my first home PC - a VIC20 (at an affluent little league buddies house (his dad was a dentist! they were not hurting for cash)). History can come after, but here is how it went in a single line:

VIC20 → (begged parents for computer) got an Apple ][e (platinum edition) later wished I got a ][gs (I picked the ][e because it “looked cooler”), used that ][e doing BASIC, some Machine Language (mostly BLOADing and BRUNing and keying in mag article code (even a macro-assembler spanning many pages!) and PEEKing and POKEing and CALLing things mysteriously trying to make sense of it all. I was only 8 then, but my teenage years up until I could afford a new computer were mostly spent on the ][e playing games, making text based arena fighters and character creation systems (PR#3! it was an enhanced 2e after all!) NES, SuperNES, and the arcades. I was a avid RPG nerd and played 1st edition AD&D, starting with the Basic D&D red book (before the boxed sets I think?) my Grandma got for me at a garage sale (I digress - this is the part where the oldness comes out as the older I get the more I ramble). Anyway I wrote BASIC mostly not much ML it was a little over my head back then, but I did try hard and learned some really very basic hexadecimal arithmetic using a great wire bound book. I spent years playing games and on the Apple ][ BBSes trading them (I generate nothing but good karma now, please don’t judge me! I pay for all my tools and software for the last 26 years). Anyway, only so far you can take text mode, but I had a lot of fun. I was fascinated by GBBS and ACOS language, and made so many make-believe systems that never saw the light of day. I eventually picked up a US Logic 486DX/2 with a 540MB HD and DOS 5.5 (but I bought the Peter Nortons DOS 6 Handbook and read it cover to cover year in advance while I saved the money for that beauty!) and first thing I did when I got it was back it up to tape (lol had a 250MB Colorado tape backup on that), format the disk, and install DOS 6 and Windows 3.11. Anyway more of the same, except this time BBSes were PC scene. I was blown away when I discovered that the text on the IBM clones could use colors (16 of them! plus flashing, plus background colors! plus all that high ASCII - I had been stuck with black and white monochromatic MouseText (which came on the 64k expansion and 80column card that sat in slot 3 of my ][e) for all my game creation until then, but we made due! I loved (thrived I think too, even dreamt at times) ASCII text mode and it was only natural then to get into ANSI art work.

Whoa… 1 line… right:

VIC20->Apple][e enhanced->486DX/2 66->P3->P6->(i forget how I got to this point if I’m honest->i7->hi!

Anyway…sorry! I share this because the entirety of my life after that moment of discovery with the VIC20 (my buddy BTW didn’t really like the computer, but that night I met I stayed up all night reading the manual and learning some BASIC and I was hooked.) My career today is due largely because of that one night, and my dad finally caving and working 3 months of overtime weekends to save for my Apple][e. Point is, as a result of all of this. The evolution went like this:

Games->Programming BASIC->BBS text mode art->BBS SysOpdom and BBS modifications/customizations (starting with ACOS and ASCII Express Remotes, but led to Renegade, Oblivion/2, PiPELiNE, and finally Mystic BBS Software)->HTML Web Dev (before CSS)->PHP3->CSS->JavaScript->LAMP->Jobs->Cloud->DevOps (most coding these days for work done in bash and yaml).

I’ve not yet published a game. Previous gaming engine experience I have includes: Construct 2, Construct 3, Game Maker 1.x, and Game Maker Studio 2, and a little GDevelop and a little Godot just recently in that chronology.

Obviously I love games and gaming, and I’ve yet to discover that one game that is the exact game I can play forever until I die and have nothing I would improve about it. The existing stuff out there is fantastic and there are so many games it’s hard to keep up! However, I am still having times where I think “huh, I can do this better”, or “this game would be perfect if only…”.

Most recently I have been playing Tales of Maj’eyal (after researching Dwarf Fortress and realizing, uh… not even possible to invest the time to learn this right now).

I have a desert-island mentality about the digital hoarding - buried in bundles happily, one day! one day! I will play them, review them, etc. hehe. Meanwhile I’m thinking about doing a lets play on Wasteland (the precursor to fallout). We just finished our basement so the family is stuffing me down there with all my toys.

A little about me:
I’m happily married for 11 years, have a 10 year old daughter, and 2 dogs (a french bulldog lady named Pheobe (yes like Final Fantasy) and she has many nick names! feebs or feebz is the most used, and an English bulldog named Stanley (yes like the hockey trophy; we rescued Stan and he came pre-configured with that name (nope I am not an avid sports enthusiast but I do like to drink the occasional beer and yell at the TV when important games are going on)).

A little about my nerdiness:
I work full-time in Ann Arbor, MI, and have a YouTube channel where I share interests like: Computer Music (bit by the early bug from Casio->MIDI->Trackers->DAWs->plugins you get the idea), and of course gaming! I am horrible at playing games of today because they aren’t games, they are lifestyles now. I have to plan my gaming, it’s a bit nuts how spoiled for choice I am with a bursting steam library (thanks bundle sites!) of games I’ve not even installed yet.

Friendly things:
I like to help people
I am most in the zone when I’m able to be creative and express myself using a computer

Construct was great, and I bought a few Heartbeast courses and IfElseLearn courses and went through them dedicated style. I made this thing:
Jup Face Mansion and started making another thing (I can’t find the URL but it was with Construct3). I love the way Construct works and how fast it is.

I’m a programmer though, can’t make me not want to code things, and I always get to a point where I think man if I could just use an array instead… I was very pleased to see Construct adding JS in but also kind of poor and can’t really justify $50/yr for a license and mine just ran out. So I was looking for alternatives when I found Godot and OMG awesome, but then I found Sparckman on YouTube and his videos about GDevelop led me here.

GDevelop is fantastic and the idea of having a construct-like open source app will make the world a better place! Our children and their children will thank you as I am now: THANK YOU for this.

I kicked in with my wallet on the small $7/mo thing just to show my support but I also want to help in other ways.

I really love the system so far, and because the code behind the engine is right there for all on GitHub I know this isn’t a dead-end pursuit kind of thing. The choice of Godot vs. GDevelop is still there for me because I need to evolve a bit professionally and learn Python finally and it’s very easy to use gdscript. But GDevelop has JS built into it and the add-on system is so elegant and simple and HELPFUL it is hard to commit to anything! WHY ARE THERE SO MANY AWESOME THINGS THAT WANT TO EAT ALL OF MY TIME?! :smiley:

Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far.

Twitter: grymmjack
Soundcloud: grymmjack
Facebook: grymmjack
DeviantArt: grymmjack (not maintained, dusty!)
16colors: I can share a link but I’m too new to get more than 2 links per post!

OK I’m going to stop rambling!

Old nerd standing by ready to be friendly!

OH and the reason I’m here is to try and add a card to the Trello board about documentation improvements - is there one already started? How are the documentation teams setup? I think I can help there!

I hope to make some tutorials (nothing as awesome as Sparckman or his many channels, most recent one GDevelop Vlogs) on my own channel and build some cool things! Mostly old nerdy things in a friendly way! LOL

I have an iPad and an Apple Pencil and make pixel art and stuff too, I’m bursting with ambition and have limited time (I did the math!) but that’s me.

Thank you to GDevelop(ers)! What a gift, truly grateful!


Hi and welcome to the GDevelop community! I am glad you like it. But please don’t call this construct like, the two softwares emerged at the same time (approximately) so no one inspired itself from the other. About the documentation, you can either improve the JavaScript documentation by adding/modifying the JSDoc strings in the source’s GDJS/Runtime folder. You can also contribute to the documentation for the IDE and engine in general by adding articles on the wiki or modifying existing ones.

Anyways, I am glad to see a new member of the community, and again, welcome!

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I’m not experienced like you in all those things but I’ve started like you with the old VIC 20, C64, Basic language etc. so you can imagine my age :smiley: Ok ok I’m 40 :laughing:

Welcome to the community :+1:

Thank you @arthuro555!

The comment about Construct-like: it is relative to my experience. I didn’t even know about GDevelop until I had already been using Construct for years. So because the interfaces and the approach is very similar and Construct came first in my life/experience that’s where that comment came from.

Sorry if that’s a taboo, just how the timing went for me. Noted for future.

Has GDevelop always been free / open source?

Thanks for the tips on how to contribute to the documentation.

Few questions:

Re: Adding / modifying JSDoc strings - by this you mean the JSDoc comment blocks in the source on GitHub?

Re: wiki - got it and signed up for that last night. Is there some kind of review or approval process?

I stumbled onto GDevelop 4 docs through the wiki sign-up (it took me there I didn’t go there) then hunted for the old GDevelop4 download and saw it at bottom of Downloads. Downloaded that and installed, and that has really made things a lot easier to grok.

The GDevelop 4 app seems like it has features GDevelop 5 does not, and it’s approach and interface is helping me connect dots too e.g. it has a completely different design and workflow like other programs I’m already used to.

Thank you for the welcome and the advice.

Hey @Venom! Thanks for the welcome! I’ve only got 6 years on you :slight_smile:

I think I would be in a different category of life if I had a C64 instead of an Apple][! C64, with it’s PETSCII text character/sprite approach is awesome. How far ahead thinking they were! Also that SID chip wow!

I’ve been debating getting one of those new C64 models (that C64 Maxi looks great in the 8bit Guy vids!) since I never got a chance to own one. The more I learn about C64 the more inspired I am and the more relationships I can trace to the roots of the interests I’m most passionate about art, music, gaming, and programming on computers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome!

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No you can edit like a basic wiki, i keep one eyes on modifications.
Some page are blocked because these pages are importants.

Here some links :slight_smile:

Website is here :
Editor online :
Forum :
Tutorials: GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]
Wiki GD5 : GDevelop 5 [GDevelop wiki]
GitHub : GitHub - 4ian/GDevelop: GDevelop is an open-source, cross-platform game engine designed to be used by everyone.
Nightly build : GDevelop/ at master · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
Roadmap Trello : Trello

:earth_africa: Help to translate Gdevelop : GDevelop 5 translations in Crowdin
:earth_americas: Help to translate website : GDevelop old website translations in Crowdin

Facebook : Redirecting...
Twitter :
Discord : GDevelop

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You shouldn’t use gd4 as it is deprecated. It’s more complete because gd5 dropped support for the cpp platform because the Js could be used on any platform while the cpp one wasn’t compatible with the browser, as it used sfml Wich is not Emscripten buildable (from what I understood) and 4ian and the contributors couldn’t handle to maintain the two platforms, and with the drop of the cpp platform all the cpp extensions were not compatible anymore. But it is planned to bring support back one day when the IDE and the engine are stable enough.


Yes! And that is also why construct is more famous, because they have an entire Enterprise and money to advertise their products and make contracts with schools etc.

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Welcome Rick and fellow Gen X-er (if my calculations are correct)!

You’ve got great positive energy, looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table here :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @arthuro555 !

I know I shouldn’t use old stuff, I’m just getting the hang of everything and I won’t build anything with it, just use it as a reference for discovery and experiential learning needs kind of thing.

Thank you for the brief explanation about the CPP platform. SFML is a great project I was learning that many years ago too but I got stuck (mostly because my game maths are weak - longer story for another time!) and I struggled with some basics back then like vectors, dot products, etc. I’m better now but still not fantastic :smiley:

I get it about focus! Focus focus focus! I have to chant that mantra constantly!

I will heed your sage advice @arthuro555, and appreciate you offering it.

Makes sense too on the JSDoc got it. Do you have a reference to that standard? Being a LAMP dev, I have used PHPDoc but not JSDoc before. It’s probably similar but I’d like to know for sure what specifics there are if you have a link handy if not I’ll Google.

Makes sense too what you said about more famous. What GDevelop is today without that financial backing is incredibly great! Love can substitute money and it still works. It’s a noble and worthy project!

Thank you @Phenomena! You nailed me. Gen-X! (and so grateful!)

Thank you for your compliment really very kind of you!

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Hey Grymmjack! How are you?
I just subbed to your Youtube Channel!
Nice to see someone of the same age-bracket as me in here!
46 also!
I am a graphics guy by nature but wow, this GDevelop really is something else!
I am hoping to develop for PC at some point using Gdevelop after the game I am currently working on for the Commodore Amiga computer is done (remember those!).
Anyways, I thought I would drop a line to say hi, I am new around here and I feel it’s like my first day at school :wink:

Hi there Evarcha!

Thanks for the sub!

GDevelop is a great platform for visual thinkers. You will really love it.

I hear you on first day of school - I’m perpetually a student myself.

Welcome to the community!

I’d love to see your Amiga game :slight_smile: I have AmigaForever and the Cloanto license.