From CTF 2.5 to GDevelop?

Hi community. I’m Clickteam Fusion 2.5 user for about 3 years now, I have a developer copy on steam. I like Clicteam software but I feel like I’ve been stuck in some archaic solutions. Updates are so rare this days and I want something fresh and more comfortable to use.

This is good turn to change sides and start with GD? Is that powerful enough to handle projects like CTF? I can read a extremey different opinions about it.

I don’t want to waste money that I spend before and move to other, weaker software without reason and abandon CTF.

Thank you for honest answers, greetings.

I personally never used the full version of CTF 2.5, but from what I saw, I’d say GDevelop has a more powerful and intuitive events system, is often updated and fully free, but clickteam fusion does have better performance and a lot more features (though some of them aren’t very useful and just bloat IMO)

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I start to playing little bit with scene editor and man… This is awesome. The comfort of object positioning and variety of objects to build a scene is amazing. Now I want to check the event editor and I think I hooked to this software for sure. First when I saw the empty canvas I though “looks like soe kind of alpha software” but after half hour I change my mind. xD


It is not that simple to answer, there are pros, cons for both engine.
The best way to go about this is first make the decision what sort of game you want to make, then make a list what features you need, what platforms you want to target (yes it is easy to say ALL but pick only 1 or 2) and then think about what sort of workflow do you prefer and after it is more simple to choose which engine is fit you and your project the best.

Maybe start with explaining this a bit more, what makes you consider to leave CTF? You mentioned slow updates, is there any functionality or feature you need that missing from CTF? Is GDevelop have that feature or functionality that you missing from CTF?

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Worst thing is scene editor and object management - just elementary functions like way of use multiple times the same object is ridicolous in CTF because of limitations - rotations and angles, copying, global variations and a few more annoying stuff.
When I start to create something in CTF I always have that feeling (previously I use first release of Construct) of doing something in worst possible way. For example - you can’t just made a 360 smooth rotation of object relative to the mouse pointer in easy way like in previously mentioned Construct.
Regarding to your question about what I want to create precisely - I love top down games; shooters, rpg etc. like old GTA. I love to have a posibilities of easly manage particles and graphic effects in engine and keep that as clean as possible.

Yes I think the scene editor is pretty good in GDevelop one of the best, and object management is slightly better compared to CTF I guess more similar to Construct indeed but out of the 3 I would say Construct the better choice.

Top-down GTA like shooter is totally possible in GDevelop with particles and full screen effects and lights, one limitation is maybe that there is no 3D objects supported in GDevelop 5 so you won’t be able to create the buildings and fences like in GTA 1,2. GDevelop 4 did have 3D objects but not GD5.
I believe there was a discussion about it to add support for 3D objects but I believe the devs agreed not to add any 3D functionality to avoid people falsely believe GD is becoming 3D game engine and start asking for advanced 3D features. GD is a 2D only engine where CTF do actually have a 3D engine for Windows platform I believe. So it is maybe something worth considering if you really want to go for that 2.5D GTA look and feel with no coding.

But yeah, overall GDevelop seems to be a good choice for your needs based on what you told. :+1:

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