FULL Five Nights At Freddy's Template for GDevelop 5

I’ve finally finished a project i really love: a full FNAF template/example in GDevelop! I published the .json with all the assets on Itch.io.
Perfect for fangames: I recreated all five animatronics (with completely new mechanics), all 11 cameras from the original game, the five nights with progressive difficulty and the principal mechanics.
I did it in a user-friendly clean and tidy code, with Event Groups and Comments.
Get it on Itch.io now!
Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF) GDevelop Template by Late Night Tom


Great work. This must have taken you a lot of time and effort.

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Nice work, however, I can only give it a 2/10, as I clicked on Freddy’s nose and nothing happened :frowning:

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This is really good. Developing the mechanics and incorporating the assets must have taken a lot of effort.

“This template is designed for GDevelop 5 , but (theoretically) it also works in Unity if you change the file extension.”

Is this even theoretically possible? I’ve never heard anything like this before, and I’m kinda curious now.
Cool template regardless, really good job.

No. Not even remotely. They don’t use the same language for their project files, much less their actual game logic methods.

Unless the template creator is hiding c# code embedded in their json file, I have no idea what they are talking about with this line.

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I read a line ike that in another gdevelop template. I never used Unity so I thought maybe that would work lol. Updated, sorry

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