Fullscreen mode disables Keyboard

Hello everyone,

I stumbled upon this problem and I don’t know if it is a known bug but I couldn’t find any related info.
When I set the game(exported to desktop)to fullscreen the keyboard stops working. I can still move and see the mouse cursor but that’s all.

Any suggestions? I’m running Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks :wink:


Strange problem, it doesn’t happen on Windows and Fedora 22. So, it’s unlikely to be GDevelop’s fault.
Can you try to open an example (for example the BasicRacingGame.gdg example), add an event with :

At the beginning of the scene (condition) Put the game in fullscreen (action)
Then, export it and test if the same behavior occurs ?


Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing and it happens with all the examples. The problem is that each time I do it I have to force restart the pc because the keyboard doesn’t respond at all.

I noticed it also happen in window preview mode with larger resolutions like 1280x720. The only way to make the character move is to move it fist in the scene preview before launching the preview in window mode.

I think it is not related to GDevelop but to the libraries GDevelop relies on or Ubuntu libraries themselves. :frowning:
(I think you should update your Ubuntu by the way)

No problem

Thank you for your quick reply :wink: