Fury FI, My first app

Hi, this was my first app, available on android and Kongregate,
Since I released it, been doing small upgrades, correcting issues, and finally adding a simple tutorial on first and third level.
If you get to play it, any suggestions will be appreciate. especially on the the tutorial.





Genuinely challenging haha. Took me a fair few tries to beat the tutorial level :slight_smile: really like the mechanics and the jumping/floating is smooth and intuitive. Ads are well placed between levels so to not be annoying. I’m not the greatest because I always forgot if I have to press fire or ice for the explosive barrels and usually get it wrong.

My only feedback are probably polish items. The background could be spiced up by being a parallax scrolling layer which flows with the movement, and maybe make the up/down controls hitboxes slightly larger as even with my fat thumbs, I still missed the buttons every now and again.

Overall, really solid app. I will give updated feedback when I’ve practised more and beaten more levels :slight_smile:

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I am glad you take the time to play it, I really appreciate all the comments you gave me, it is good to have other points of view that sometimes we cannot see them, or also for the lack of experience.

I will work on them,

Thank you so much, Cheers, :+1:


Hi Convictedweirdo, finally got the time to make some adjustments and remember your inputs,
first I wanted to make only small changes to the game, but ended up changing the whole game :joy:
Link below if you want to try it.

Playstore Dark & FI