G•Space, top down space simulation


updated my game…

here it is the link for the demo (only one level), please don’t play mission 2, it doesn’t exist.



Why can’t I find any enemies?

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ahh sorry, really early stages for gameplay, i was focused on how spin player ship all around in space and make info on screen, and make space stuff and effects.

its about 15 days starting from zero know how about GDevelop.

i’ll update when you can shot enemies.

thanks, Ermes.

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i dig it, very solid foundation the zoom out with the boost was a nice touch. did you also put a blur around the moon?
the only thing I’d want is a wider screen. looking forward to what it turns into

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Thanks, you’re nice.

yes, planets and moons are on a dedicate layers with a GDevelop “zoom blur” effect.
for a wider screen, yes maybe a bit, but always a square.

Greetings, Ermes

Edit: ahh much better with widescreen… changed it to 1400x800px. fu*k square screens.

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testing a screen recorder, it’s slower, cause i’m working at home, on my wife pc…

an advice, please, what i should use to record videos?

There is OBS Screen recorder but it was very complicated for me, so I am using ShareX

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please go to the first post…



edit: don’t play mission 2, it doesn 't exist.

You have progressed a lot in 1 month :+1:. Also, I think it would be good if our speed was more if we were faster.

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thanks Mixen

i don’t understand about speed :thinking:

I mean, increase our Player’s maximum speed :slightly_smiling_face:

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… don’t know if you read controls, double tap and hold “UP” over 100 kps will activate afterburner (turbo).

The “Miles” is the first ship, a piece of junk. For training. ss2b

In the second mission you can upgrade with the “Amarillo”, faster for sure. ss1b

i’m planning to have at least 5 player ships, 20 missions and lot of enemies.

thanks, Ermes

I never read controls, lol.

Nice. But, is Amarillo available for using, right now because you don’t have second mission

I will try it.

Hi, mission 2 is not working, many issue to resolve, sorry…

Well, in a sim game, better read controls! You can view in game by pressing f2.

Nice menu and graphics. Sorry, I’m viewing this from my phone. This game looks very fun though.

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