Galaxy a small endless fun space shooter

Galaxy is a small endless competitive space shooter by me, Made in Gdevelop

The object of the game is to score as much you can by destroying invading aliens

the game is a free to play browser game with option to support the game if you like.

Galaxy Website


added 2 more enemy gfx

Looks cute and plays cheerfully! Good luck! =)

When controlling from the keyboard, it is imperative to hold down the “Space” button for shooting, and when controlling the mouse, it shoots automatically. Maybe it is worth doing the same thing (either always shoot, or add shooting by clicking the mouse).
There is not enough pause and the ability to return to the main menu (for example, to switch control).

thanks for the feedback what do mean by not enough pause ?
glad you like the game

You cannot pause the game. To have an appropriate menu.

No there is no pause menu right now but i will probably add it later thanks to your feedback

update on my game
added circular movement to two enemy groups and triple shots powerup and pause menu

the circular movements was so easy to insert just add angular force and change the angle

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check out the game maby you will like it