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Galaxy Invaders beta 0.0.1 version
in development

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Wahey! Shmup! Cool dude - those graphics bring back memories…ah~ I noticed a couple thingies but it’s up to you if you fancy tackling them!

Ahem! The bullets can sometimes pop two enemies with a single bullet, if that’s intentional that’s gravy, but if not it might be worth looking into it! The click-and-drag control’s pretty neat too, gives an immediate feel which is nice. Are you perhaps targeting mobile with this game idea?

Also I could be wrong here but I think that when two enemies pop at once on exactly the same frame, the score only increments by 1 - it might be worth using a ‘for each enemy’ code line that’s in contact with the bullet (and dies) to increase the score by X amount - I had this problem at first and had some serious problems trying to figure it out, being the noob I am haha!

The little x-shaped hit-splats seems to last just a wee bit long; perhaps shorten their animation a wee bit?

Excellent start though bud! Keep it up!

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Thanks I have just now made the whole game and published it on you can download it on or play it online on and