[Game] Air Trigger | A Decision-based Gun Dueler

Fyrebrand is proud to present, Air Trigger! :partying_face: :tada:

Air Trigger is a simple 1v1 Gun Duel game with basic Resource Management.
The objective is to beat your opponent through your decisions.
The Player(s) choose their actions from a list of options, and when both participants have decided, their sprites will then perform the actions chosen.
Depending on the outcome, the round may continue, or conclude with a winner.

Playable on Browsers & Apps.
Apps on: Android Mobiles, Windows PCs, & Linux PCs.




  • Ammo is the sole resource in the game.
  • It is depleted by performing Attacks, and replenished by Reloading.




  • A basic Attack.
  • Costs 1 Ammo to Fire.

Sub MG

  • An intermediate Attack.
  • Costs 2 Ammo to Fire.


  • An advanced Attack.
  • Costs 3 Ammo to Fire.




  • Increases your Ammo, but leaves you vulnerable to enemy Attacks.
  • Adds 1 to your Ammo.



Dodge Bullets

  • Protects you from enemy Pistols & Sub MGs.
  • Costs nothing.

Dodge Rocket

  • Protects you from enemy Bazookas.
  • Costs nothing.


Be sure to leave your feedback on the game, and report any bugs you might encounter.
Your input matters.

Happy gaming! :laughing:


Hey, your project looks awesome, but I didn’t really get how to start the game. I’m not sure is it maybe a bug :slightly_smiling_face:
In the main screen I don’t see any buttons

But then I just randomly click around screen and got some menu

And same I saw in pc version
Also I noticed that switching music on/off is quite hard because I had to click sound button twice really fast, and it’s working not from first time for me
I hope this will help :blush:

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A) Screenshots of the Game running properly
(Taken from Opera Browser on Windows 10)

I’m running a Windows 10 PC.
I’ve tested my Browser Game on Chrome, Opera, Brave, & Firefox browsers.

Here are the results:

  • Runs flawlessly on Chrome & Opera. :smiley:
  • A few minor object misplacements on Brave.
  • Lag on Firefox. :face_with_head_bandage:


b) Addressing @NT_exe

The error here, is that my Text Objects are not appearing properly on your system (They are still loaded in, but are invisible).
To hazard a guess, this could be due to my Fonts being incompatible with your Browser/OS.
Might even be caused by a Browser extension.
Unfortunately, a lot of Browser issues might be out of my control. :slightly_frowning_face:

Could you tell me what Browser & OS you are using?
Also, could you check if the game runs properly on a different Browser, or on Mobile?

Here, you just happened to click on the invisible ‘Play Online’ button, which took you into my Multiplayer Lobby.
As with in the Main Menu, the Texts are invisible here, because sadly none of the Fonts are loaded in.

This is a bit unclear.
Do you mean on the Windows App?
Does it also not run properly on the App?

This is intentional.
Toggling the Music on/off is done by Double-Clicking.

Single-Clicking was supposed to bring up a volume slider.
However, I actually haven’t programmed that in yet, so it does nothing for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


@NT_exe, thanks for bringing your issues to my attention!
I’ll try to fix the issues wherever I can. And if I can’t, I’ll leave a disclaimer in the future regarding incompatible systems, or any other such.

Please see if using a different Browser, playing on Mobile, or running on one of the Game Apps addresses the issue.
Any additional information would be of great help to me for diagnosing the problem.

Best Regards. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh that’s right, I have outdated Windows 7 so it seems one of the fonts doesn’t load properly. About browser, I’m using Chrome, I guess it’s not about browser because windows.exe version have same issue

Yeah, I believe this one font doesn’t load at older OS, because I can see Text Object with another font for weapon/ability description here: :slightly_smiling_face:
Screenshot from windows.exe version

Happy to help :blush:

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