Game crash in Gdevelop 5.3.198

After updating to 5.3.198, my game broke. It was working perfectly until version 5.3.196. The problem started right after the update.
But it was resolved when I downgraded to version 5.3.186. There’s definitely something about the new version that’s messing with my game.
I would like to know if there is a way to continue developing my game with GDevelop 5.3.198 without having to rebuild my game from scratch, but for now I’m going to stick with 5.3.186 and turn off automatic updates. The error is
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘dots’)
in Object.GDJSInlineCode [as userFunc0xb48ac8] (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/gdjs-evtsext__paperengine__project.js:93:21)
in Object.gdjs.evtsExt__PaperEngine__Project.Project.doStepPreEventsContext.eventsList0 (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/gdjs-evtsext__paperengine__project.js:108:77)
in Object.gdjs.evtsExt__PaperEngine__Project.Project.doStepPreEventsContext.eventsList1 (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/gdjs-evtsext__paperengine__project.js:234:77)
in Project.gdjs.evtsExt__PaperEngine__Project.Project.doStepPreEvents (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/gdjs-evtsext__paperengine__project.js:341:77)
in Project.stepPreEvents (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/runtimebehavior.js:1:724)
in r.stepBehaviorsPreEvents (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/runtimeobject.js:1:13715)
in c._updateObjectsPreEvents (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/RuntimeInstanceContainer.js:1:4720)
in c.renderAndStep (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/runtimescene.js:1:4647)
in r.step (file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/scenestack.js:1:465)
in file:///C:/Users/55219/AppData/Local/Temp/GDTMP–1/preview/runtimegame.js:1:7677

Looking at the error, whatever extension you have installed in your project named ‘PaperEngine’ is what is causing your crashes.

If it’s a custom extension you made, then something within it events wise is incompatible or broken. If it’s a custom extension someone else made, then the same thing applies.

Thanks. I know…what I need is to know if there is a way to fix it…since before the update it worked.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what that extension is, so I don’t know that anyone is going to be able to give you guidance.

If it is your own extension, and you’re including extensions like Recolorizer or withThreeJS, know that you’ll likely need to update the extensions themselves.

If it’s an extension made by someone else entirely, you’ll have to wait for the author to debug it. (Note that there’s no guarantee that they do ever update it)