Game Crashes When i put edit or put new pictures in an animation

I am making a remake of yoshi’s island for the snes but for some reason, whenever I put pictures in one of the animations, it crashes when i use it in the game.

Check the basics,

  • All Sprites are the same size,
  • All the Sprites animation with the same origin point and hitbox.
  • The Sprites are PNGs.
  • The idle, run animation has loop checked.
    Plus if you can share some screenshots of your events and sprites.

I am using Gdevelop 5. Another thing is: When i resized one of the animations to the same size as all the others, the game freezes when i use that animation.

I will try it on another computer. Maybe it will work on that?

It only crashes if there is a picture in the animation while it is being used. When there isn’t it works fine.

By version not GDevelop 5 itself. What release of GDevelop 5 are you using ? Beta110? It can be found in the toolbar Help, About GDevelop

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I will check as soon as i can

Wait a minute it probably is because a couple days ago Gdevelop updated itself to the newest version.

Hi, did you solved this? I’m having a similar issue

Hello, I too am having a similar issue regarding this. Did you solve this?

When I added a new images today to a sprite object, for some reason, those sprites now freezes the preview.

Mine replaces all the frames with one random frame anytime I use the in app version of piskel. Makes my work flow a real pain, and I’ve found no solution online.