Game crashes with segmentation fault error

I’ll try to install Cocos2d on a VM to see if it causes the crash.

EDIT : What packages did you install ?

I tried to install cocos2d.
At first, it didnt compile, because I was missing libraries.
So I installed them one by one.
When It finally finished compiling cocos2d, I discovered that there is a script that installs all those libraries.
So I launched it.
I think it added a repo? Not sure tho.
Even if it did, I removed it, because I dont like adding additional repos if I dont need them.
Then I tried GDevelop, didnt want to preview games, nor I could run games on linux.
Then I removed all the libraries, one by one, that were listed in the script.
And then I performed a dist-upgrade

Whe installing, cocos2d adds some lines to your .bashrc file (in your user folder). Can you remove them (the lines are at the end of the file) and restart your computer ?

Can you launch the game using these commands (in the compiled game’s folder) ?


And post the result of the command here (the game should crash if a problem happens :wink: ).

If you know how to build GDevelop, you can try to build this modified version of GDevelop and compile your project with it : … (I fixed a memory corruption in this version)

I tried to build GDevelop, but it failed on 53%
Going to try to do the thingy with .bashrc

Or you can try the, I believe, fixed version and compile your game to see if the problem is solved (clean completely the export folder to be sure no older file are present).
Link :

Please note that this version was built specifically for Linux Mint 18.0. But ad Ubuntu 16.04 and Mint 18.0 are close enough, I think it should work.

Okay, I did the thingy with malloc check
Also, I am downloading the last file you posted. Going to respond soon!(hopefully)

Thank you. Try first without malloc check and if it crashes, try again with malloc check, post the result here and send me your project (+ its resources) here or by PM.

I did it before the malloc check, tried to run it, it still crashed. Then I did the malloc check.

Also, the GDevelop app doesnt launch with this error:
./GDIDE: error while loading shared libraries: ./ file too short

I was talking about doing that with the modified version of GDevelop.

I guess you’ll have to wait for the next version to try out the fix.

Aw, okay then. I guess I will work with GDevelop in WINE.

Or you can launch the game with MALLOC_CHECK_=0 (it will ignore the error and avoid a possible crash).

Hmmm, the malloc check 0 didnt do anything.

But I stumbled upon something interesting…
I started working on a test game, and I have a player sprite, with only events for moving it around(WASD)
It works with the preview 3/4 times.
The fourth time it crashes…
I added some more Player Objects and more events, the previewing still works, aswell as the compiled game…
Going to continue the tests with certain extensions used on the game that crashed the first time!
New crash happened when I clicked Stop Preview, the crash doesnt seem to be connected with the Text Object extension
Function Extension not causing the crash either.
I just received a crash while clicking OK on the common dialogue box. It could be the cause of the crashes.
Just received the same crash while clicking OK on Text Entry windows. Another suspect for the crash.
Network Feature not causing the crash.
Disabled the extensions that were causing the crash on my test, preview still not working… Further researching.
Left in the barebones of a test game from the original post… Still crashing.
Removed all extensions, still crashing. Maybe a bug with the packaging of the old project.

I am able to get into skype/teamspeak/discord call if you want to talk about other things I could do.

This bugs can be random as I figured out that they may be related to a memory corruption caused by a library used by GDevelop. The library writes in a non authorized place and then, if GDevelop was using this place to store something, it will cause a crash. The memory corruption has been solved for the next version of the library.

EDIT : A person who had similar problems said that he has got anymore crash when running GDevelop with the fixed version of the library. So, we’ll try to update the lib and include it in the package instead of using the system one for the next version.

Any ETAs on the release for the gdevelop version with the fixed library?

Or maybe can you just give me the library on its own(if possible), and I can replace the old one in the current version of gdevelop.
I mean that would only work if its not deeply integrated into the gdevelop itself.

Don’t know yet. But the only solution is to integrate the library to the GDevelop package as many months and even year can be necessary for the maintainers to update the library. The new version of the library is not ABI compatible (it means that GDevelop need to be built again for this version). So you can’t just replace the libs files.

We will see how we can do it.

I could try to build gdevelop. Maybe this time it would work…

Yes, but you need to follow the instructions to build GDevelop with the fixed wxWidgets version, not the one included in your system.

See :

Going to try that out in the morning, its pretty late for me, gonna go to sleep now

EDIT: Good news, the gdevelop version from yesterday got further than before!