Game Develop 2.0.10541

Game Develop 2.0.10541 is available, bringing a lots of bugfixes and various improvements. ( See full changelog in the help file )

When can we expect new version of GD?

I don’t really know, I’m working on a feature allowing to use C++ directly inside GD ( There was a similar experimental feature in versions prior to GD2, but now it is not working, and it should be way better integrated in the next version ). I will probably release a new version when it is done.

Could this paint mockup be any help?

(yeah, I’m using Linux but it has similar to Paint program called KolourPaint)

Basically allow us to use c++ conditions which would be c++ code that would go into If statement, just without If (yeah, I know I’ve forgot to use brackets in condition) and C++ actions which would be arbitrary c++ code. So we can mix regular events with c++ ones (like on above image - we use A key is pressed condition and c++ condition, but we can also mix c++ actions with normal ones).

Kinda like Code block in Stencyl.

Of course previous method should be still there, but this will ease things for people who aren’t exactly ready to code entire event in C++, but know some parts would be easier to code than to click-out.