Game Develop 2.1.10682

Game Develop 2.1.10682 is available.

-Added initial variables specific to objects instances put on the scene
-Added File menu in the ribbon
-Enhanced debugger for sounds and musics
-Un/Fold all buttons in events editor.
-Support for the audio of video files : Thanks to Victor Levasseur for his contributions.
-Support for customized collisions masks and bugfix in Physics Automatism : Thanks to Victor Levasseur for his contributions.
-Available scenes/external events are displayed when editing a link.
-Corrected Duplicate action and condition related to objects layers.
-Added action and expression to change the game window title.
-Added C++ code event and support for external C++ files.

Hotfix for the function extension

The function events are not working ( They are triggering code generation errors ). Download one of these files and extract the files inside the archive to the Extensions folder of Game Develop so as to correct the issue : … ( Windows ) … n.tar.lzma ( Linux )

Optional hotfix for the particle engine

If you want, you can download this updated version of the particle engine ( Extract the files and put them in the Extensions folder of Game Develop ) : … ( Windows ) … m.tar.lzma ( Linux )

Thanks to this hotfix, you will be able to set the particles emission angle directly in the scene editor. Moreover, I’ve updated the rendering of the particles engine during edition so as to preview the area where particles will be launched.

Can’t download via built-in updater. It says that GD will be restarted, I confirm, but when I start gd again it is still in old version.

//edit: And whyTF windows version is downloading when I am clearly on Linux?

Auto updater seems broken, download instead GD directly from the website.

By the way, you do bundle those includes that make GD work on other distros than ubuntu? If so, please change “Download GD for Ubuntu” to “download GD for Linux”.

The new custom polygon for the Physic Automatism works perfectly.
GD has nothing to envy to Construct of Scirra, their Physics was the only point better than GD, but now… jejeje :wink:
(they use Box2D, so they have a better not-bug-in-collision engine)

Look this:

at the end (0:59) they say “2D Physics in your game. No one makes it easier”… We should see it.

I’ve released a small hotfix for the particle engine, see my first post.

Indeed, it seems that GD should be able to work on any recent linux distro, but it’s difficult to check that GD is effectively working on each major distro… ( I don’t want to say that GD is running on any linux distro and then get feedback saying that it does not work on a particular distribution. ) I prefer to ensure for now that GD is correctly working on a distribution.

Yeah, but I think it safe to say on main site that it will work in most recent Linux distros with a * saying that it was tested on Ubuntu (by you and probably others) and on openSuSE (by me).

I’ve released a hotfix for the Function events extension.
Do not forget to update your functions as the latest version of GD need you to specify which objects must be passed as arguments to the functions.