Game Develop 2.1.10871 ( and 2.1.10822 )

Game Develop 2.1.10871 is available.

-Minor bug fixes concerning variables-related functions.
-New example CastleDoodle

and as I forgot to do a subject for version 2.1.10822, here is the changelog :
-New extension Advanced XML and Path automatism. Thanks to Victor Levasseur
-New extension Sound object. Thanks to Thomas Flecy and Victor Levasseur.
-Enhanced performances when using declared scene or global variables.
-Enhanced window used to choose or edit variables.
-Added option to activate a log file.
-Corrected duplication of more than one object using Ctrl+Drag in Scene editor.
-Bug fixes in some extensions ( already available as patchs for the previous version ).
-Bug fixes and internal changes.