Game Develop 2.2.11073 ( Testing version )

I’ve uploaded a testing version of Game Develop, to ensure that there is no major bug before releasing an “official” version which can be download from the website : ( Windows version ) ( Windows without installer ) ( Linux version )

Changes :

-New project dialog with predefined templates for creating a new game.
-New action to separate objects from obstacles, using collisions masks: Try the “Space marine” template. The old actions to separate objects are deprecated: They still works but are not shown in the actions list.
-The interface of some windows have been updated ( See the compilation window ) so as to make them cleaner and more efficient.
-The images bank editor has been updated with a property grid: You can for example edit the properties of several images at the same time.
-No more “Save into portable mode”: When you save a game into a new directory, Game Develop automatically asks you if you also want to copy the resources into this directory.
-Updated SFML library used by GD for multimedia tasks. This can solve issues with Intel graphics chipset.
-English is now the default language of GD ( i.e : English sentences are now hardcoded in GD source code and are not translated from French ). This should solve issues with some strings which were showing strange characters.
-The options of the IDE are kept after a new installation.
-Fixed bad positionnement of objects after pasting them.
-Added option to change the font of the events editor.
-GD warns that events can not be modified during a preview.
-Added “Animation is over” condition for Sprite objects.
-Various fixes.

Known bugs :
-Texts selection boxes are badly aligned in the scene editor.
-Sounds of templates Eternity Under Fire and Racing Game are missing.
-Help on the wiki is not updated, and the tutorial is also outdated.

it’s all right now,work on my os!

i confirm , my intel gma 3150 can run game develop , great
with old ati radeon 9200 pro game develop start , very good, i try with 9200se later

Installer fails to overwrite files of current GD version. I can’t install it therefore.

Make sure that GD is closed ( Check if GDIDE.exe is in the process list in the task manager ) and try to restart your computer before relaunching the installer.

Well it is and I didn’t open it for looooooooong time, so that’s not it for sure. It gives me error saying that it cannot overwrite existing file in standard Abort/Retry/Ignore dialog. It says nothing about it being in use, only that it exists.

Why don’t you try the lastest stable release which is more recent than this testing version ?