Game Develop 2.2.11127

Game Develop 2.2.11127 is available:

-Scene editor improved:

  • Properties of instances are displayed in a grid
  • Objects can be locked
  • New handles to resize objects
    -Slightly faster internal compilation of events.
    -Improved size of compiled games.
    -External events are internally compiled separately from their scene if possible.
    -New integrated help system
    -Fixed crash when editing For Each/Repeat/While events.
    -Fixed GetTimeFromStart() expression.
    -Improved design of toolbars
    -Fixed bugs

Always happy to see the update window :slight_smile:

Looking forward to test it out over the next days. Can I just add that the first thing I noticed was that the search functionality in conditions and actions has been removed. I don’t know about other people, but I loved it and I think it made adding functions a lot faster.

No no this feature is still here, it was not removed :slight_smile:

God blesses you, 4ian and GD’s developer! The problem I reported was finally fixed! :laughing:

Thank you so much, from the depth of my heart! I hope you may continue keep improving Game Develop!

Ah, I think it’s a bug then. Looks like it’s there if you open an existing condition/action, but not if you try to add a new one.

Indeed, it didn’t notice that before, how strange :open_mouth:
Thanks, I’m going to fix that :slight_smile:

EDIT : In fact, it’s because the window’s height is too small. Just resize the window until the Search field gets visible :slight_smile:

linux bug of pannel center/mask is present, but go on ubuntu 12.10

Points and masks panel must be left “docked” ( i.e: Put inside the window and not floating around ) so as to be clickable. :slight_smile: I don’t know yet why, it’s strange.

I didn’t get what you meant ?

the program start in ubuntu 12.10, I haven’t segmentation fault, thanks for your time :wink:
good luck with other bugs

Ok, great :smiley: