Game Develop 3.0.11299

Version 3.0.11299 is available:

Added[b] physics engine [/b]for the web platform.
Added [b]data storage [/b]for the web platform ( Web Storage )
[b]New objects editor[/b]
New template “[b]Angry Peas[/b]”
Fixed new lines with texts ( And added NewLine function )
Fixed potential crash
Fixed Distance/Collision conditions when inverted

I can’t seem to drag any items into the scene and I can’t find any other way of getting an item into the scene.

Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:
Download again GD from the website so as to get the version with the bugfix :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m testing GD3 (it’s here a month ago but I test it now :neutral_face: ), and I have a question: Is no more Video Object in GD? Because I can’t see the object in objects types, and I can’t see any extension or event related to videos too…