Game Develop 3.1.61

Version 3.1.61 of Game Develop is available:

Linked Objects extension is now available for HTML5 games.
Added support for all mathematical functions for HTML5 games.
Fixed no default camera for new layers.
Fixed Linked Objects extension not working for compiled native games.
Fixed crash when editing object's variables.
Fixed moved/turned toward conditions.
Fixed always condition for HTML5 games.
Fixed other minor bugs.

Great I’ve been waiting for this fixes. Thanks :slight_smile:

But I got system error message when I run preview:

“program can’t start … libiconv-2.dll is missing… try to reinstall the app… compilation failed”
collect2: ld returned 53 exit status

If I restart GameDevelop it fix the problem but after a few preview always turn up this error and I need to restart GD.
But sometime even the restart doesn’t help and I just try it and try it until it catch the rope.

I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Can you try this solution:

Go in the Game Develop folder ( C:/Program Files/Game Develop usually )
Copy the file libiconv-2.dll and paste it into the subdirectory CppPlatform/MinGW32/bin.

Let me know if the error triggers after applying this.

Yes,it seems worked.Thanks :slight_smile:

I found the same problem and this solution also worked for me.

Ok, so I’m uploading a new installer and archive with the fix.

I have found one more thing. :smiling_imp:
If I want to open the examples File/open an example or Open/open an example it opens the previously opened folder but never the examples folder.


Can I know where is the download links ?

Can I request features ? :smiley:

Support CocoonJS
Ability to preview via wifi using CocoonJS launcher on IOS and android
Ability to use CocoonJS accelerated Physics engine
Support for Spriter Animation Tools or extensions
CocoonJS ads and IAP extensions

Do you have any roadmaps for version 3 ?


You can download it on the official website :

I was thinking about adding a “Platform automatism” to ease the creation of platformer. Maybe port also existing native extensions to HTML5 games ( Dynamic lightning, pathfinding… ) and make sure that games are compatible with cocoonJS and mobile device in general.

Perhaps you should pin thread with newest version of GD, so people won’t be wondering which version to download in case some older release would jump on top of thread list and newest off first page?

Yeah, done :slight_smile: