Game Develop 3.2.62

Game Develop 3.2.62 is available!

Added support for arbitrary structures in variables.
Added action to send a request to a web page.
Added actions and expressions to convert a variable from/to a JSON string.
Fixed HTML5 games not working when using a number as first character of the scene name.
Fixed audio and channels related actions for HTML5 games.
Fixed Cursor is on object condition for HTML5 games.
Added support for all strings manipulation functions for HTML5 games.
Fixed text entered on keyboard not handled in a preview in the editor.
Fixed arrows keys not handled when choosing a key for a parameter.
Fixed renaming of objects on Linux.
Fixed Show/HideLayer actions and NewLine expression.
Reorganized some actions and conditions.
Fixed crashs and other minors bugs. Small aesthetic changes.

For now, this version is only available here for download:

Linux version and SDK are coming if no big issues are found. :slight_smile:

I understand most of changes, but this one:
Added support for arbitrary structures in variables.
puzzles me. Can you explain it and perhaps word it more clearly?

Also I think you should unstick 3.1.61 as it’ll be confusing for new forum members (not to mention that sticked versions about new GD will pile up over time).

Sorry for the meddling :slight_smile: , now you can add “Structure” variables, in the variables panel/window (where is the list with all your declared variables) you can right click > add structure variable, in a structure variable you can add sub-variables:

-ParentVariable ....+ChildVariable1 ....-ChildVariable2 ........SubChildVariable1 ....-ChildVariable3 ........SubChildVariable1 ........SubChildVariable2

Until now I think I will use them for a better organization, because in OOP isn’t necessary make a new structure variable for each object type.

Maybe he hasn’t done it yet because this is for testing only, and for Windows only.