Game Develop 3.2.67

Game Develop 3.2.67 is available:

Fixed scene change regression introduced in the last version.

And all the changes introduced in GD 3.2.66:

New default theme “Game Develop Metro”.
HTML5 games can now be directly exported to [](, online gaming platform for games created with Game Develop.
Support for fullscreen, canvas resizing and title change for HTML5 games.
Fixed rare crash with links.
Fixed display of some toolbars.
Scenes/External events/External layouts can now be easily moved.
Fixed actions related to the audio for HTML5 games.
The help window can be minimized.
Command lines options for the IDE are now recognized.
Fixed variables with an empty initial value for HTML5 games.
Fixed resizing of Tiled Sprite objects for HTML5 games when using WebGL.
Other minors fixes.

The new export option is here to allow creators to quickly upload their game without needing a separate hosting. GameDev Share is not meant to compete with large site like Kongregate or GameJolt, but the objective is to provide a complete ecosystem for creators who do not have own a separate hosting or who do not know how it works. :slight_smile:
For now, this version can be downloaded on the official website:

The update notification in Game Develop will be activated when the Ubuntu version will be available. :slight_smile:

Hallo, I just wanted to give my congratulations for you, Mr. 4ian. :slight_smile: Game Develop changed a lot since the last time I checked, it even has the platform automatist!

Thank you so much for everything, hope Game Develop continue being a useful tool for indie game creators. :hug:

I am so happy that you like it so much! I hope you’ll make some great games with it. GD lacks any memorable indie games made with it.

Also advertising on game making forums would be great as well as GD doesn’t have recognition it deserves.