Game Develop 3.3.71

Game Develop 3.3.71 is available!

Replaced icons still using the old style
Added a dialog asking for feedback about GD
Fixed typos.
Fixed proper frame for sprite objects not always shown if animation was paused.
Fixed initial value of texts objects not always properly shown in HTML5 games.
HTML5 games physics engine is now Box2d.js (for better performances).
Fixed “Time” expression for HTML5 games.
Fixed error when the parsed JSON was not correct for HTML5 games.
Fixed “Random” expression for HTML5 games.
Fixed crashs (with scrollbars for example)

thank you for the great new release!!!

I will give it a spin some time tonight. :slight_smile:

Looking good, looking good! I’ll be updating GD as soon as I get the okay from a friend I finished coding for; excited. Keep it up, 4ian! :slight_smile:

cant seem to find the ubuntu package… :unamused:
the one at the website is old

I can say it looks good, I did think it was as stated NO CODING but from what I can see it does require this. Some what disappointed!!

There is no need to code in any way, all you have to do is use the events which are entirely graphical and displayed as english sentences. :slight_smile:
Try it and you’ll see how simple it is. You can also read tutorials here: … /tutorials

Trust me this really is not coding.

Coding is like:

//Simple extract of code
for(j = 0;j < 40;++j)
            if(grid[i][j] == 'P')
                posx = i;
                posy = j;
                if(j < 40 && grid[i][j + 1] == '-')
                    grid[i][j + 1] = 'n';
                    intgrid[i][j + 1] = generation;
                if(j > 0 && grid[i][j - 1] == '-')
                    grid[i][j - 1] = 'n';
                    intgrid[i][j - 1] = generation;

And that is really simple code… You can’t make things any more simple than a program like Game Develop without losing the ability to make games.

I may be wrong, but this explains how to run 32bit apps in newest Ubuntu: … t-binaries

Maybe it could be useful should you want to revive 32bit version of GD.

Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look at it :slight_smile:

Umm … when will the next version be released? :smiling_imp:

Thanks …

Personally I think you are sort of coding, except the fact that you are coding visually and that it is really simple and straightforward. It does not require you to use modules (except extensions and even those are really easy to access) nor do stuff like creating a frame, creating a box, THEN adding the image. You still have to do semi-coding. Not that I’m complaining, because this is much faster than coding, and with this tool you already know all the code and what it mostly does.