Game Develop 3.3

Game Develop 3.3 is available! Download it as usual from the website.

Entirely new icons for the interface, specifically designed for Game Develop. Many thanks to Constantine Shvetsov !
Spanish translation available: Thanks to Franco Maciel !
Pathfinding automatism is now available for HTML5 games.
The pathfinding automatism has been rewritten and enhanced: You have to update your game if you’re using it.
Added condition “Trigger once”.
Custom collision mask are now supported by HTML5 games.
The maximum angle for a slope is now customizable for objects on platforms.
Added “lerp” function.
Fixed crashs
Fixed velocity of objects not maintained after an object was resized.
Fixed renamed automatisms not taken into account.
Fixed ToDeg/ToRad for native games.
Minors bug fixes.

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Awesome release! :smiley:

Btw I noticed that you added webp as a dependency. Does that mean we can use webp image format files?
I have heard that they have better compression/quality than png.
So for web games it pretty nice. Although still a rare format- some software can export it. Webp has a built in converter too, right?

For now webp is not supported, just some little work related on it was made. I’m waiting for a widespread adoption before doing any serious work (and anyway it also need to be supported by libraries GD is built upon and by browsers before going any further :slight_smile: ).

knowing google, chrome and chromium browsers probably have it built in.
Firefox devs are working on implementing it. And IE, well that is not such a great browser anyway. :smiley:

it’s interesting

I can’t preview any HTML 5 games using this version, including examples included with GD.

Try to clear the cache (Ctrl+F5).
Otherwise, open console developer (F12) and paste the errors here.

Text object shows strange symbols instead of russian text, and if I use special symbols, like ś, ę, ż, ć etc (polish alphabet), then after applying all the text wipes out.

Sweet. Clearing the cache worked. I never normally clear the cache between previewing levels. Could you explain why this was necessary when changing Game Develop’s version?

Surely because when the browser cache the javascript source code of the game engine. When updating GD, the browser still uses old outdated source code causing errors with the code generated from events by the new version of GD!

Yes, text object still needs to be adapted to be fully compatible with all characters!

When I start GD I get this error message:

Extension ./CppPlatform/Extensions/AStarAutomatism.xgdwe could not be loaded.
Detail log:
Error(127): The specified procedure could not be found

Also, I’m very appreciate that you finally decided to enhance the pathfinding system, it a bit smoother now but maybe I do wrong something or the pathfinding doesn’t work properly with the AStar extension didn’t loaded at start, because in many cases the object
can’t find a way to the specified position or it start to move, seems like find a way, but it stops at half way.
If you would like to see what I mean, I have uploaded an example here: … sp=sharing
The tank should move to that position where the mouse is clicked, but can’t find a way or stop at half way.
If I lower the cell size, a bit better but still seems like the object got difficulties to find a way in some cases.

Also, if I stretch an obstacle the automatism don’t recognise the borders accurately and the object move through the obstacle.

Just delete the specified file, it is the old automatism (This file is removed by the installer, but if you use the archive to install GD, you have to do it manually, I should have specified it).

I’ll take a look at your example next monday. Try to put a negative “extra border” to the object being moved, just as in the pathfinding example, because otherwise obstacles are too large.

Thanks, file delete is helped.

Unfortunately the negative extra border didn’t helped, with negative extra border the moving object find a way better but in some cases, it still stop before reach the destination and sometime can’t find a way around an obstacle seems like for no reason.
Also, if I set the border too small for moving object, it moving through the obstacles.

Seems like the pathfinding is not very accurate, sometime it go through or too close to the obstacles especially if it stretched and also the borders of obstacles are way too big or the pathfinding can’t detect collision correctly. I have also noticed that, if the destination is on the side of the object it not always find a way to destination even if there are no obstacles (the scene is empty). Can find a way (start to move at least) mostly if the destination is more in front or behind the object but still stop for no reason in some cases. Anyway it weird. But you have mentioned the pathfinding example, maybe you should remake the example as it doesn’t work with the new version of pathfinding it contains not supported events I think from previous pathfinding. I have tried to remake it, but I got this problems.

It would be good if we could put our own “nodes” for pathfinding, like we could in (sadly discontinued) Novashell. Perhaps different kind of object.

Pathfinding Automatism is mainly useful when the environment, position of destination or obstacles is random, so even you (the designer) don’t know which way need to move next in game.

You can design your own path by using the Path automatism. You can add the path automatism to an object and create a custom path in a path editor, you can set name, position, speed of the path and you can tell any object with path automatism to move on the specified path.
But true, would be a lot better (and accurate path) if we could make it inside the scene editor and we could use special nodes too, which would contain orders for objects.
I could imagine something like we can name any node of the path if we want and in the events we could have a condition to check if an object has reached the position of that node with the specified name, if yes, we could change direction, speed, path, next node of the object, do any action at that point.