Game Develop 3.4.73

Game Develop 3.4.73 is available!

Releases notes are now on GitHub:

By the way, files are now hosted by GitHub (when you download from, buttons redirect to the files hosted on GitHub), so you can benefit from a full speed download instead of relying on the server that host the website which has quite poor performances. :smiley:

Could you post a tutorial on how to use android export?

There is already a page on the wiki about it that can be accessed when you’ve just exported a game.
It is also listed in the tutorials: … seintelxdk :slight_smile:

Thank you. Any idea when support for things like accelerometer and iaps/ads will arrive? Because unless you got some high profile game, selling it for money won’t give you much on mobiles, here iaps/ads are the way to go.

Awesome update! Thanks! :smiley:

thank you for the update!! :slight_smile:
The linux version still has the good old linux related bugs (posted at the right section of the forum) . I wish some linux dev could tackle them :slight_smile: