Game Develop 3 Beta


Here is testing version of Game Develop 3 for Windows.

Main new features:

Game Develop now support creating games for the web: When you create a new game, Game Develop asks you for the platform you want to use. You can either use the native platform (i.e: The classic platform allowing to create game for Windows or Ubuntu) or the web platform.
This system is quite flexible, and a game can even support both platform ( See the extensions dialog of your project, which displays the platform being used ).
Please note that the web platform is not (yet !) as complete as the native platform. There are not a lot of objets ( Only the Sprites and Text Objects for now ) and no extensions like the physics engine. Custom collision polygon are also not supported for now.


Here is a link to the installer:
Always make a backup of your game before opening it with GD3 ( See below ). :slight_smile:
New users of Game Develop, you can read the new tutorial here : … rtutorial2 ( This is a work in progress )

If you already use Game Develop, be careful:

-Games saved using Game Develop 3 won’t be compatible with Game Develop 2. There are some subtles changes that will prevent GD2 from running a game saved with Game Develop 3.
-The way objects are resized has changed : The origin point is now fixed when an object is resized. You may have to change the position of some objects if you resized them. But now, it is really more easy to rescale an object: Just put the origin point at the position you want to remains fixed. :slight_smile:

Any feedback is welcome as usual !
I’m also writing a new tutorial that should be finished when the official version will be online: … rtutorial2

wow,it’s cool with the html5 support.
Wish you’ll do better than construct 2.