Game Develop 3

Game Develop 3 is available!

Here is a short changelog:

Support for creating HTML5 based games using the Web Platform.
Also support for creating games with support for the Web platform and the native platform
Properties of objects are shown using a properties grid.
New way of resizing objects: The origin point is now fixed when an object is scaled.
Dialogs showing the objects/automatisms available also show the unused objects/automatism as grayed.
Improved user interface.
Fixed Game Develop not launching with some graphics cards.
Fixed several bugs

Note that Game Develop is now presented as a “Pay what you want” software. You can use it for free or choose to donate any amount you want on this page:
A small window is shown by Game Develop when GD is launched for the third time so as to remind the user that he can donate if he likes GD. This window can be show later ( if you click on “Not now” ) or can be hidden forever if you click on “Never show again”.
For advanced users, note that the Web platform is Open source:
Extensions are also available on GitHub:

Oh wow, html5 is a nice surprise! Thank you!

For now, the web platform has less features than the native platform, but it should change progressively when new extensions are created or ported from the existing ones :slight_smile: