Game Develop Bible: An idea

So I thought that good idea to make money would be publishing some sort of GD book. Wiki is good, but it does only provide basic knowledge, mostly without examples. So I think it would be good to publish some sort of GD bible that explains every little trick in GD. Other open source projects such as Lazarus or Blender has some sort of such book as well.

I think following pay split would be fair: 85% towards GD development and 15% for writers of the book (split evenly). I’d do few chapters of it, but would also love to see help on that from people who are more familiar with GD than me (Victor could for example write few chapters about writing extensions as examples in GD docs are kinda dry).

The book would be sold on GD’s site, first as ebook, then we may think about paperback release.

Why not! This involve a lot of commitment though! :slight_smile:

The “bible” could be a mix of wiki articles : this way everyone can write its “chapter” on the wiki, so we are sure that the work done is not useless. :slight_smile: The biggest risk about such project is that most of the time, it is abandonned before the end and no one benefit from it.

Actually, not mix of wiki articles (unless it’s special hidden and passworded wiki for book contributors and editors). Reason is that if wiki contains everything “bible” does, why buy “bible”?

XD 4ian is our game develop bible XDDDDDDDDDDD
ok im just kidding
I don’t like the idea of buying the game develop bible though cuz it costs $$$$$$$$$$
oh well

I think that before make a bible a tutorial should be accessible on sites that list other tutorials.

This link for the French websites :

Of course many websites exist in english.
Darkhog a idea ?
The tutorial that goes with GD could be a tutorial on this websites.

But who’d buy GD Bible if it’d be easily available elsewhere for free? GD Bible is supposed to pay for GD’s development, with small cut for the authors of course. So it need to be sold, not read on tutorial sites.

What Bouh wanted to say is that they should be enough tutorials about GD on the web so that the user base grows before ever thinking about creating a “Bible” about GD. Otherwise, nobody will buy it. :slight_smile:
Same thing for other technologies or software: books about it come after there are plenty of tutorials, resources on the web. GD lacks of tutorials, and all of our efforts should be concentrated on this very goal: make more tutorials and more resources.

I’ve already written 2 complete beginners tutorials on the wiki: feel free to share them anywhere you want :slight_smile:

GD is not mature enough to have a printed book about it. It still developing and changing constantly. So the book will be outdated before it will be published. Work on examples and tutorials instead which will be available online/bundled with GD for free.

Do you plan to write more tutorials? The first ones are quite good! :slight_smile:

I’m curious about this as well. It seems to me that if you want GD to build a user base you’ll need more tutorials for people to follow and get familiar with the system and a good selection of preview games that intrigue people. I love the software and what it’s capable of and would love to see the content base match your program.
On a very related note I’d like to know if we can submit tutorials to the wiki that build on what you already have, either by expanding one of the two games built in the tutorials or detailing the examples bundled with the software.

Again I love what you’ve done here and wish I was a skilled enough programmer to make a meaningful contribution.

If course! You just have to create an account and you can then create new pages (for new tutorials) or improve existing ones :slight_smile:
And you can without any problem create tutorials or articles that are based on the already existing tutorials :smiley: